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Cooking from the heart for health and wealth

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Core Cooking is really a two part company! 

We offer our cooking demos and cooking classes which is how we introduce ourselves. We LOVE creating raving fans of our products, recipes and ways to cook faster, easier and with less stress!

Our second part is our Saladmaster products, and wellness products, tips and tricks we offer our customers to create more freedom, health and fulfillment in all of our family's lives.

Our Core Cooking family is ever growing and we would love to have you part of it!

How can you try Core Cooking?

We offer live, In-Home Cooking demos to give your family a customized unforgettable experience with us and a free meal.

Would you like to learn faster ways to make dinner during the week?

Or how to get your family eating more real, whole foods, more fruits and veggies, or to cook healthier with less oils?

Are you in the next level of your health journey and looking for the cleanest ways to cook, what to cook in and how to preserve the MOST nutrients in the cooking process?

Your next step is to schedule your own Cooking Demo with us!


The Food Processor

This is Lucy! She's my best friend in the Kitchen! Take a look at this quick Salad Demo.

We love referrals, click                       to learn how you can earn one yourself!

Cooking Coach Opportunity

A Perfect Fit

Do you LOVE to cook or share food with others??

Whether you’re considering a career change or simply looking to improve your health & health food knowledge while helping others, Core Cooking offers an opportunity to make a difference. Contact us today with any questions or for more information on how to start.

Contact Us!

To find out more information about Core Cooking, or to schedule your Cooking Show, contact us today.


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